From Billy's foster mum:

Billy is a magnificent, black greyhound and if he was a man it would be said he had a fine figure for a kilt. When Billy came to me he was a sad dog with a sore tail. The syndrome of happy tail had caused Billy to split his tail by banging it on every surface whenever he thought happy thoughts. Despite the best efforts of all concerned Billy was incapable of keeping dressings on, the tail continued to wag furiously and continued to bleed. As a result the vet recommended amputation of part of the tail. This is never a procedure undertaken lightly and in this case it was performed to prevent further tail splitting, pain and infection.


Billy was admitted for surgery and came out in rather a lively mood with half a tail. The next 2 weeks were spent ensuring Billy did not chew, lick or bump his tail. The cone just slipped of his head, he was miserable with his muzzle on and the other dogs seemed to go out their way to bang in to his remains tail. There was a sense of relief when the sutures came out and the tail had healed.


Billy was underweight and was put on a dog equivalent of breakfast, morning coffee, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and supper or all inclusive if he was on holiday. This regime worked all too soon for Billy’s liking and he is now a perfect shape.


Billy currently lives with Blossom (also looking for her forever home) and Phoenix the forever foster. Billy is the youngest, the fittest, the strongest but also the quietest, most well mannered and the most affectionate of the three. He has not put a paw wrong since arriving, loves all visitors without being overbearing and sleeps well. Whilst endowed with an impressive physique Billy could not be described as a courageous dog. He is slightly timid in new situations but that is likely to resolve with time. He loves his mad moments outside with his toys.

Billy is a very strong dog who walks well on a lead but if he spots a rabbit, squirrel, fox  etc he will be up for a chase. However, Billy will turn any house in to a home, he will not chew your belongings and he will love his forever family to the moon and back.


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