Blossom is a 9 year old girl who was rescued from the Canidrome, China. She arrived in the UK with Lotus in February but do to a problem with her paperwork, she was kept in a quarantine kennel for four months.

An update on Blossom from her foster mum:

Blossom continues to thrive and the inner self has been released.

Blossom now lives with Phoenix the forever foster and as of three weeks ago Billy another foster. Blossom has an excellent working relationship with Phoenix which entails them ensuring the garden is fox free. Although they work as a team as far as foxes are concerned it is every dog for him or herself with regards to treats.


Blossom used to bury treats with the intentions of going back to chew at a convenient time. She now realises a buried treat is one more for Phoenix and one less for her so treats are eaten in the present. There was another GAL dog over for a play date and as it was a special occasion a large bag of tripe sticks had been bought. Whilst I was feeding Billy, Mel and Phoenix, Blossom had taken herself in to the kitchen and had removed the bag from the work surface thus ensuring she got all the remaking trip sticks. Blossom always thinks outside the box.


Blossom’s hobbies continue to be the great outdoors, the great indoors if cuddled up with a human, toy time in the garden and trying out new food.
She seems to be half the size of Phoenix and Billy but what she lacks in stature she makes up for with brains.

Blossom sleeps well and wakes up with an enthusiasm for living that is a pleasure to watch. Her capacity to enjoy herself is a joy and makes me smile.
A little lady who has come a long way and is determined to enjoy each new day.

Blossom is patiently waiting for her forever home and hoping her age and her colour do not deter people from opening their homes and their hearts to her.

Beauty (now Betty) another Chinese dog was adopted as a ten year old and has landed on all four paws. Blossom would love the same for herself.

If you'd like to offer Blossom her forever home, please click on the "About" button to find out more, and then complete an adoption application form.



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