GAL Committee

GAL is managed by a committee made up of volunteers who are elected at each Annual General Meeting by GAL Members. We also rely on an army of volunteers who assist us off-committee in various roles. If you'd like to get involved, we'll always find something for you to do, and be forever thankful - give us a call...

It's always useful to know who folk are so that you know who to speak to at events and so you can put a face to voice at the end of the telephone line. Our Committee members do tonnes of stuff, but it's only a wee website and we know you'd rather look at photos of gorgeous hounds, so here's the basics of what they get up to and a wee bit about who they are...

Denise McGranaghan
GAL's Founder 

Denise started GAL on its way in 1998 soon after she and her husband, Martin, adopted a greyhound they named McLeod. After looking into the racing industry and finding out about the plight of retired racing dogs and ex-working lurchers, GAL was born... the rest, as they say, is history.

Laura Dixon


Homing and Social Media




Laura is part of the homing team, helps manage the social media pages and also serves as the committee's convenor.

She has a lot of experience in animal welfare and behaviour and is often a go-to for dog behaviour problems.

Fiona Menzies
Vice-Convenor, Homing Co-Ordinator and Incoming Dog Co-ordinator

Fiona has been a GAL supporter for many years. She is a member of the Failed Foster Club, is our main homing and incoming dogs contact and serves as Vice-Convenor. 



Suzanne Hollywood

Suzanne has been on the committee for a number of years. She is one of GAL's experienced foster carers and takes care of all the administrative duties at GAL, including Membership, event applications and lots of filing. Suzanne joined the Failed Foster Club in 2016, adopting black hound Avi, who is usually found surveying the monthly walk from the comfort of his car boot!

Liz Muir


Liz has recently joined the committee and will be assisting with GAL's finances. She is owned by lurcher Willow and Belgian Shepherd Indie.



Fiona Bradley

Fiona is a longtime GAL supporter who is owned by hounds Kaas and Bami. She does a lot of fundraising for GAL and also serves as a representative member. You may have seen Fiona's Forage Fun mats and baws at various events.



Lorna Young
Fostering Co-ordinator

Lorna is an experienced fosterer who joined the failed foster club twice!


Lorna is owned by hounds Wendy and Shamus and serves as a representative member









Liz Stewart
GAL Shop, Volunteer
Co-ordinator and Events Co-ordinator

Liz is the go-to person for all your hound merchandise. You will see her with the GAL shop at many events and she also co-ordinates our events and volunteers for the events.


Folllow Up Co-ordinator

We currently have a vacancy for a permanent

Follow Up Co-ordinator.

We also have Social Media support provided by Laura Adie, Emily Dillon and Gavin Riddick

All own ex-GAL hounds. Laura has been a past Fostering Co-ordinator and Committee Member and Emily does additional fundraising for GAL. Gavin and partner Laura adopted the stylish Dorian Greyhound in 2019, one of the best-dressed hounds you might ever see. We appreciate their help!





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Tel: 0870 888 7277