Dodger is a strapping, 11 year old greyhound who is living in a foster home alongside two other sighthounds.


Dodger walks well on the lead and is good with other dogs he has met, although prefers older, calmer dogs over boisterous ones!


He loves people of all ages but has never lived with children so a home without would be preferred. He has been happy around visiting children in his foster home.


Dodger is toilet trained and is fine to be left home alone for a few hours. He is a very cuddly dog and really craves human affection so would like a home with someone around a lot of the time. He likes nothing more than to lie on your lap and get a throat scratch!


Dodger is in good health after having 18 teeth taken out. He loves his walks but can be a little unsteady on his feet sometimes because of some arthritis.


He can be anxious and stressed in new environments so can take a little while to settle but he is worth the wait! Dodger doesn't have a bad bone in his body and just wants to be loved. He is looking forward to finding his forever home to live out his days.


If you're interested in offering Dodger a loving forever home, please click on the "About" button to find out more, and then complete an adoption application form.​



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Tel: 0870 888 7277