Special Appeal - Minstrel

Minstrel is a young lurcher who came to us a few months ago. He is a big boy but was underweight when he arrived and has had a very hard start to life so far, with very little socialisation. He has had some basic training in the past but has also taken to clicker training with enthusiasm! He loves to interact with people, although he can be a little unsure of men initially, and responds well to praise and encouragement. We don’t know much about his previous life but we don’t think that Minstrel has had the opportunity to learn about things that he may encounter outside of the home environment and as a result finds this stressful and is not comfortable with other dogs. Minstrel would have to be the only dog in the home and he does not like cats.


We placed Minstrel at our First Steps Rescue Centre to get started with his rehabilitation and we have met with several highly recommended behaviourists who have helped us work with Minstrel. 


Dale McLelland, Canine Behaviour Specialist at Being Canine is making a personal appeal for a home for Minstrel. She says, ‘Minstrel is a lovely boy who needs a calm environment to improve his confidence and to continue with his training. He took to agility and clicker training instantly and is improving greatly on his impulse control. He is a hugely affectionate, cuddly boy and I am convinced that anyone who considers taking him into their home would see that with patience and understanding he has huge potential’.


If he has the correct amount of intensive training from someone who has enough time to dedicate to him, we are hopeful he will recover enough to be placed in a home. 


Sometimes though, when a dog like Minstrel comes to us, it can put a strain on the way things are working; having a dog that needs so much of our time and financial resources, can sometimes mean we cannot help as many other dogs.


If you'd like to help with the costs involved with helping Minstrel, please click on the 'GIVE' button - any amount helps. If you think you can provide a foster or forever home for him, please fill in an application or give us a call.





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