Forever Foster 


Minstrel had a terrible start to life and has many behavioural issues because of this. He is settled and happy in his foster home and GAL are happy for him to remain there.


Mr Minstrel is looking for a special home.


Minstrel is a lurcher, who is approximately three years old and is an affectionate and playful boy. In the home environment he is calm and relaxed. He loves cuddles and is fully housetrained.


Minstrel has had some basic training in the past but has also taken to clicker training with enthusiasm! He loves to interact with people, although he can be a little shy around men initially, and responds well to praise and encouragement. Minstrel bonds strongly with people and he does have some mild separation issues but these could be improved on greatly within a home environment.


We don’t think that Minstrel has had the opportunity to learn about things that he may encounter outside of the home environment and as a result finds this stressful and is not comfortable with other dogs. Minstrel would have to be the only dog in the home and he does not like cats.


Minstrel needs a special home with someone understanding who would take the time to help him gain confidence, to settle and enable him to carry on with his training plan; this would be fully supported by a Canine Behaviourist who currently is working with him. This is what she has to say about him;


‘Minstrel is a lovely boy who needs a calm environment to improve his confidence and to continue with his training. He took to agility and clicker training instantly and is improving greatly on his impulse control.  Anyone who considers taking him into their home would see that with patience and understanding he has huge potential’.


If you'd like to help Minstrel prepare for his forever home, please click on the "About" button to find out more and to complete a fostering application form. Alternatively, if you are interested in providing Minstrel the stability of a forever home, please fill in the adoption application form.



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