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Run Free Alfie Dec 2017

Big Alfie is running free in a land where the sun is always shining, it never rains and the rabbits are always looking for more exercise. It was a privilege to be your friend and chauffeur. Thank you to GAL for letting us have him 12 years ago.          

Happy 6th Birthday, Mishka! 22/07/17

5 years ago Mishka came into my life as a foster dog. She had been badly
treated by her previous owner. However thanks to her vet she
survived her injuries.


Mishka soon had me under her paw and I joined the
F.F.Club. So happy unofficial 6th birthday 🎂 and happy 5th gotcha day from
your slave mum and your lovely foster brother Reuben.xx

Run free Meg - 21/07/16

Early this morning, the sky gained another star.


Not officially a GAL dog, but one who has done more than any other to help GALs hounds in need. 


Meg was discovered, by chance, on a canal path over 9 years ago. Her owners Laura and Ian took her in immediately and gave her a 5* home. It’s hard to believe she was a little minx in the beginning, but she quickly blossomed into the sweetest, mellowest and most loyal of companions. 


Meg went on to become a fantastic ambassador for greyhounds and helped over 40 foster dogs adjust to life as a loved pet. There wasn’t a single foster dog she didn’t get on with.


Meg’s passing has left a huge hole in her owners hearts and also in the hearts of everyone at GAL – Run free gorgeous Meg.

Star 18/5/16

A lovely update on recently rehomed Star:

I would just like to thank you for matching us together so well; he is just right for us and seems so happy. We are delighted with him and he is really enjoying country life, happily walking on quiet roads and loves the beach and woods.


It's wonderful to watch him gaining confidence and blossoming. He makes friends everywhere he goes and we could not ask for a sweeter natured dog. Great match-making!


Run free Murphy - 06/04/16

Very sadly one of our forever foster dogs, Murphy, has left us for Rainbow Bridge.

Murphy came into GALs care in 2012 and was thought to be about 11 years old. Unfortunately Murphy had a few persistent, niggly health issues, which meant he would be on medication for the rest of his life.  

With the agreement of his wonderful foster family, it was decided that Murphy would become a forever foster dog. This meant he wouldn’t have to move home again and would remain with his loving foster family for whatever time he had left, with GAL covering all his vet fees.

Murphy had a fantastic time with his foster family and we can’t thank them enough for taking such great care of him over the years and letting him pass away peacefully at home, surrounded by love, when the time came.

We’d also like to thank everyone who contributed towards Murphy’s health costs over the years.


"Goodbye my handsome Murphy. It has been a pleasure to be your foster mum over the past few years. Even when things got really tough, you tried so hard to play with your little brothers and do all the things you loved. I`m so sorry your body gave up before your heart, and I`m sorry I had to make the decision to end your suffering. I will never forget those gangling legs and that rocking horse stride as you galloped across the fields. Run free sweet boy, there is a pack waiting for you and pain is gone. I will miss you xxxxx"


A lovely update on recently rehomed Darcy (was Sapphire):

She has been with us for only a month but already she has made herself at home and it feels like we have had her for years!..


Darcy has made friends with the cat and the Maltesse terrier. She's
especially fond of Sam my sisters Cocker Spaniel but her heart definitely belongs to my daughter Maia.


Thank you GAL for allowing us to be part of Darcy's life, she is an amazing, loving, kind, gentle big girl and we love her x

Check out this beautiful cuff that one of our Committee member's son had made for her mothers day gift! Beautiful handcrafted jewellery by Clare Spencer based on a lovely photo of Boogie taken by Robyn Lewis Photography UK!
Happy Easter from Cookie who's had a very relaxing weekend enjoying the sunshine.
After an afternoon of running around crazy it's hard to tell who's more exhausted - Tigger or his best friend?
Double Trouble - Recently rehomed Holly has settled in perfectly with her brother Harry.
Big brother Banjo mentoring 5 month old Snoopy in the art of sleeping!
Happy Birthday to Handsome Enzo who turned 2 today. Enzo has well and truly landed on all four paws in his forever home and is looking greyt. 
Luther the lurcher has bagged his first Monro of the year already!
Shiloh and one of his favourite little friends enjoying a winter walk.
Isla - 11/05/14
Another passed to Rainbow Bridge far too soon. Run free beautiful Isla with your brothers & mum.
Ziggy - 08/02/14
Very sadly Ziggy passed away this morning aged just 8.5 years.
Our thoughts are with his family.  
Branston 1999 - 08/01/14

We're very saddened to hear Branston has gone to Rainbow Bridge...



"I hope if Bran has any kind of legacy that it's that people don't discount older dogs when they're thinking of rehoming. He was 8 when he came to mine to be fostered and he had another fantastic 7 years. Oldies are definitely goodies."

"Branny, the daftest, biggest, maddest dog GAL ever helped went to the bridge today after a year and a half with his foster mum and 5 and a half years with his dad.


Bran was a long termer with GAL, who's life changed when Karen took him on as a foster. Little did she realise what a big part of her life he would become - and not only because of his size.


When he came to live with me Karen had calmed down his fear aggression to manageable levels, making him my perfect dog. He loved forest walks, chasing a ball on a beach, tuna, chicken, squeaky toys, pigs ears, meatballs and telling me when it was time to go to bed (straight after his night time walk, no more telly thank you).


There's a massive hole in my heart and Karen's now that he's gone, but even though it hurts so much we wouldn't have missed a minute of it. I love you big guy, here's how I'll always remember you"

Happy Hounds on Holiday
We've received a lovely update from Billy & Lizzie's owners "Just thought I would drop a line to say I still have my two GAL Greyhounds Billy and Lizzie (formerly Morpheus and Martha). I have had Billy since December 2005 and Lizzie since June 2006, and they are now 11 and 9 respectively. Attatched is a photo of my doggies enjoying our holiday in Orkney last week.
Brilliant Banjo
Banjo has become something of a local celebrity and with good reason. Read his story in the latest edition of the Killearn Courier:
The most handsome hound of all...almost!
Despite the wet weather at the Kirk Dog Training Club Fun Show on the 11th Aug, handsome hound Boogie managed to Wow the judge and took 4th place in the hound category. Congrats to Boogie and well done for representing your fellow greyhounds
Bobby - 1/8/13
We're deeply sorry to hear that Bobby has passed away. Our thoughts are with his owner at this very sad time.
Genie's wish come true...
Dear GAL
Just sending an update of Genie, the greyhound my family adopted 7 years ago. She is now 10 years old and still going strong. Here is a picture of her loving life. Thank you so much for matching us with Genie, it couldn't have worked out better!
Thanks again,
The O'Neil family
Mishka the Grolliehound

Mishka celebrated her 2nd Birthday and 1st Gotcha day today. Thanks to all for her pressies. I’ve had an amazing year with her. She’d been very badly treated by her previous owner and had a severe head injury when she came to Gal. I intended fostering her till she recovered from her injuries but I failed big time and I’m happy to say I joined the F.F.C.


She has a heart murmur but it doesn’t stop her going into greyhound mode and racing round the garden at great speed ! She’s good with other dogs and loves visiting her doggie friends at their homes, she enjoys playing with her toys it’s a danger zone when she throws them around.  Mishka and I went to puppy training and we both did well. I just love having her.


Majestic Maggie - 5/7/13
Holly - 8/7/13
Tragically Holly has passed away. Our thoughts are with her family who gave her a wonderful, loving home.
We're devestated to hear that Maggie very sadly lost her battle with cancer today - run free beautiful girl.
Roses are Red, Violets are...

My family and I adopted Violet (Used to be called Missy) a couple of years back when she was only three months old.


She's grown up to be a placid yet crazy, fast, huge, loved dog!

She has two minute mad turns, using a garden, a park or even the living room as a race track and then lies on the ground panting for the rest of the day!


We all love her but she has her moments. Like when I wake up at three in the morning and she's basically stolen my bed with me clinging to the side and coming back home to find she's destroyed a whole toilet roll, or stolen the cat food, or cat litter!


When she's done something wrong she goes to a her corner and doesn't make eye contact with you and looks extremely guilty!


She's scared of our cat yet sometimes she has the courage to snuggle up with her on the sofa!


Violet is also slightly silly. For instance not knowing to move into the shade when it's twenty degrees or when you're about to throw her ball and she just sprints for it comes to a halt and looks at you, before realising you haven't thrown it yet!


Violet is very popular in Glasgow. When walking in the City Centre, I have people stroking her, people wanting pictures, once my mum was walking her and a man got off his motorbike and asked if she was a puppy!


We love Violet so much and she's grown into a loveable, energetic dog who just wants to cuddled!


Eilidh, Aged 13

Buddy and Blue
7 year old Buddy was rehomed 4 years ago and we've received some wonderful pictures of him and his pals. Buddy lives with an 11 year old whippet called Blue and his owners tell us he is a lovely, happy boy - he certainly looks it.
Happy Birthday Boogie
Boogie celebrated his 4th Birthday on 20th June. He had M&S sausages for breakfast and lamb and gravy for dinner, needless to say he was absolutely delighted! He looks pretty pleased with his balloon too.

Globetrotting Cindy

We've had a lovely update from Cindy and her owners, now living in Prague!

We travelled 2000km by road from Lanarkshire through the Channel Tunnel, through France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany to Prague, Cindy taking it all in her stride. We arrived to heavy snow, temperatures as low as -18 degrees Celsius, which was too cold for both man and greyhound to walk any distance! However, the snow stayed but temperatures rose and the local park was like a winter wonderland. Cindy loves playing in the snow.

We thought that we might foster another greyhound needing help here in the Czech Republic but there is very little racing and no domestic rehoming needs at all. Via Chrti v Nouzi, a Czech greyhound rehoming charity that works with Great Hounds in Need from Ireland, we found Sonja, who was in kennels in Ireland and ready to travel all this way for a loving home with her fourth cousin Cindy.


Sonja is a big brown(!) puppy of two years, bigger than Cindy but scared of her own shadow so older sister is teaching her how to be settled and happy in her new home and Sonja is improving day by day. Here they are in the park near home in Prague:

Dedicated Dad

Febo (Bo) has been tattooed on his dad! Febo is the name of a fast food outlet in Holland, hence the food surrounding him & his owners are sure he'd love it all.

Birthdays, Beaches & Bread for Barney

Our gorgeous Barney has his 4th birthday this week and so we thought it was a good time to send GAL an update on his progress and a few pics. He has been with us for almost 5 months now and loves his new life here in Edinburgh. Barney is an amazing dog and has been fantastic with our 6 year old twin boys who adore him as much as we do. He loves his early morning runs on the beach and taking the boys to school followed by more time on the beach meeting his doggy friends and smelling the smells on the way back. He has quite a fan club at the school now!

He loves just being involved in all we do and then flops on the sofa in the evening for a tummy rub. Barney is a bread monster – it is his favourite thing in the world when he gets him paws on any – even the sound of the bread bin being opened brings him running. He loves playing with balls and squeaky toys and although he has a small bucket of his own soft toys he enjoys running into the boy’s bedroom and selecting one of their furry friends to run off with and toss about! He loves to take part in everything and we recently found he had climbed into the trampoline in the garden and he just stood there while the boys gently bounced him and seemed to love it. His broken leg has now healed well and we took him up to the Braids last Sunday where he had a great run about. He loves meeting other greyhounds and always looks for them on the beach each morning. His fur has grown back really well after losing his kennel coat and even the fur on his tail has all come in nicely after he lost part of his tail during his racing life. His Dad is a big fan of the dugsnpubs facebook page and Barney is always keen to investigate any new pubs mentioned where dogs are welcome and where he might find a wee pint to lick!!

Yes he has a taste for beer too so we have to keep a close eye on him around a pint. When the weather (hopefully) improves we are looking forward to taking him on camping trips. The only time he gets stressed is when we need to leave him on his own in the house as he still suffers from separation anxiety quite badly. We are working on this but do still need to muzzle him as he chews the furniture when he is left alone. We try to keep these times to a minimum though and take him with us as much as possible. He is such a gentle friendly boy with so much love to give and we feel very lucky to be sharing our lives with such a wonderful dog – thanks so much GAL.


We're all very sad to learn that Robbie has lost his fight against cancer. His owner says "I adopted Robbie from you via the Oldies website in October 2010. Robbie was diagnosed with bone cancer in one of his back legs in January, we had been managing reasonably well with pain relief. However, the last few days had been a real struggle for Robbie and it was obvious that he was suffering. Last evening I held him in my arms telling him how much I loved him as he passed peacefully away onto the bridge. One day I am sure we will all be re-united.
Thank you so much for letting me adopt this gorgeous boy, we loved him so much and will miss him dearly xx

GAL would like to thank Robbie's owners for giving a senior dog the very best few years of his life.


Very sadly Blondie (Class Perfect) has passed away, aged 14 years and 1 month. Her owner says "what an absolute privilege it was to share our home with such a gentle and loving creature". Run free Blondie.


We're very sad to announce that Lulu (Lakeview Louise) has passed away. She (and her son Douglas) spent 8 very happy years living with the McLennan's. We'd like to thank them for giving her such a wonderful retirement.

"We have had our beautiful boy for nearly 4 months now. What can I say? It was love at first sight.... Boogie settled in very quickly and as I had a week's holiday when we first got him, he was gradually left alone for a short period of time and never displayed any nervousness or separation anxiety.

He is such a joy to have, well behaved yet so gently affectionate , quick learner, in fact, except for the usual 


Bilingual Boogie

instructions like "leave it", "good boy", "be nice" (when other dogs approach, as he does not like all dogs, especially the ones who come charging in to play...) that he learned in English, all other instructions he understands without any problems whatsoever in my native Croatian. Things like "slowly" (for going down the stairs), "wait", "give" (the ball), "cheese for Boogie" (his favourite treat), "go get Harry" (to get Harry up for school. This one being his favourite, nudging Harry to hurry up and get ready. Harry says Boogie just want to get rid of him to have his Mama all to himself...It might be true, Boogie is such a Mama's boy!)


Boogie is a joy to have and I would encourage anyone to open their homes to lovely greyhounds. It turns out flat life suits them just fine, this was my only concern initially, not being sure we would be approved to adopt a greyhound as we live in a flat. In reality, Boogie is less "noticeable" in the flat than a little yorkie we used to dogsit for a friend and he certainly seems to be very happy with the space he's got.

​Boogie is Harry's first own dog and he absolutely adores him. As for me, having had many different breeds in my youth, many strays amongst them, I have now found the breed for life. Gentle, clever, eager to please dogs, so affectionate in a lovely quiet way, so easy to care for and even for novices to having a dog, GAL not only matches you with the dog that would best suit your family, but are on hand with support and advice. For everything else, just follow your heart. Ours are filled with adoration for our Boogie. I think I  would also like to mention that Boogie's fosterers, Annalisa and Charlie, were on hand from day one for anything I needed and I still send them a picture of Boogie from time to time to let them know how well he is doing. It was great to have them on the other side of the phone that very first week as we so wanted to do everything right by Boogie. We did not change his name, we know he was cared for and loved by his previous owner (his trainer), so name would bring him no bad memories. But there are other names he would also suit, him being such a charmer and suave operator... like Elvis, or Julio, ha ha...or Mig, as he is so fast.

I could write so much more, but will sum it up in Harry's (14y) words: 'we love him to bits' and 'he changed our lives for the better'"

"Boogie changed our lives for the better"

Harry, 14


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